Signature Scents (Group Session)

Signature Scents (Group Session)

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YOU are INVITED to join me to experience, feel and smell your way into wonderland 

Our time together is exciting and interactive as you immerse yourself and discover your personal energy and flow.

You will receive the following to take home 

  •  Cards that are unique to Filiz and not available elsewhere
  • Silk Colours and fabrics for your home
  • Oil perfumes with crystals
  • 100% Essential Oil Sprays (15ml & 50ml)
  • Dried herbs and flowers
  • Salt blends 
  • Crystals 

All Valued at over $150 

There will be lots of sharing of information about nature, the elements, Feng Shui, our personal energy and energy of our spaces as well as being surrounded by artwork that has never been seen.

With every selection revealing more about your energy, I will do a mini reading based on what you have chosen and you will get to keep all 8 items and take these home with you to use and enjoy.

Beverages inc on the day 

Normally my sessions are for Private clients, however this will be held as a group session, limited and exclusive to a small group. If you wish to have a one on one session, Please email at or fill out our online form under "Contact Us" If you are not Based in Melbourne you can have a distant signature Scents under " Customised Scent" in our Shop page.

With all my love and laughter