Crystal Art


These are truly vibrational medicine energetically healing art created with LOVE PASSION AND PURPOSE for you and your space.

The intention behind the Art is to infuse your space with life force, vitality and colour. Over the past 15 years Filiz has created hundreds of unique one off pieces for custom clients as well as presenting and selling her work at various expos, events and galleries. If you are attracted to her work she will be very happy to share her portfolios with you during your appointment together in having your own piece created. All the art is handmade by Filiz, she intuitively knows and chooses what colours, silks, crystals, will be used on your art. She also has the very unique ability and gift given to her to help others, a highly intuitive ability where she is able to custom create paintings for clients without meeting them.

Filiz also Custom creates art pieces by intuitively painting for the clients needs, whether its to uplift or clear your space! Her work shapes to what needs to be created, each one is unique and one of a kind! 

There is much sacredness here connecting with you on deep levels, allowing her to create for many interstate and overseas clients. All custom artwork will be created with your energy pattern, both past, present, and future, and will have a very special handwritten poem and message with an explanation of the piece, what it means and what it will bring to you and your life, and space. She is deeply passionate about helping people and uses nature as inspiration helping create positive energy in your life and space. Her hearts intention to help you transform your life and create more of what you need and want comes through in her unique love filled work. When working with larger projects and public shared spaces such as yoga studios, restaurants and business’s, she will work in team efforts.

Every element of the artwork is thought through carefully to suit the space it's created for: the design, the fabric, the raw materials, the shape and patterns, and most importantly the colours and symbolic meanings. All created to introduce qualities of breathtaking love and beauty into your space. No two pieces are ever the same giving her art and the unique owner’s exceptional energetic and physical value that are to be treasured for they will never be reproduced

Below are only few of her hundreds of creations / Continue to Scroll for Art available.  Please Also email or contact us below.

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