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School of flow was inspired and created almost 4 years ago after the passing of my father. I remember feeling like if I was called to to exit this earth plane I wanted to ensure I had passed down all my knowledge in my work with the flow. So I registered the name to start with and now in 2022, I am ready to begin to share.
MY School  of Flow is a place and a space where I welcome people from all walks of life  into my heart and my home. It is a space to learns at your own pace and choosing. It is a space to understand, learn, be empowered, heal, & be inspired to find and keep your flow.
Filiz is known as the “Flow Queen”. You will be learning from her experiences as a Feng Shui Practitioner, Energy Healer, Aromatherapist, Custom Perfumer, Author , mother of 2, and soon to be grandmother.
She is 50 this year and this my gift to the world. She created her soul heart business InfiniteU in 2008, consulting, painting & blending. With more than 16 years of passion and dedication to her soul calling, She is a master at finding what you need to flow, she is able to read and interpret your energy and then action her gifts through her oils and crystals and  colours to help you find your flow.
In the school of flow we will be holding private one on one, and small intimate face to face Group Masterclass as well as online classes. Filiz intentions are to share and teach with much reverence & respect to nature and to your unique energy & path.
Some of the topics she will be sharing is
⁃ Medicine Woman- Finding your flow
⁃ Signature program called The Flow ( incorporates ALL her wisdom )
⁃ The flow & the formula ( book)
⁃ Signature Scents Masterclass on various themes / Perfume making
⁃ Essential Oils & Herbs
⁃ Nature vs Synthetics ( oils& scents)
⁃ Crystals and our energy body
⁃ Colour therapy
⁃ Sacred spaces
⁃ Energy Clearing tools
⁃ Harmony in your home- Feng Shui energy, placement, Chinese astrology, room by room, symbolism, & directions
The school of flow is for anyone who has ever said “ hey where’s my flow, where’s my mojo”. It is for anyone who loves essential oils, nature, crystals,has a thirst for more knowledge and wisdom of the earth. It is for healers, teachers, energy practitioners, anyone on a path of self discovery & finding themselves, coaches, personal development, business owners, mums, dads  and anyone who resonates with Filiz and her energy. She has a contagious laugh and is full of love and she believes in her own words
“ no matter where you are in your life or what path you are walking, the school of flow will open your mind, raise your energy, fill & heal your heart leading you into more harmony and flow in your own life “
With all my love
Filiz ❤️🙏
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