Warrior Within
Warrior Within

Warrior Within

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Blended to bring you strength and courage on your path.

50% OF PROFITS PROCEED to a place we hold close to our heart, Euroa CFA. 
We personally know Fire Fighters volunteering in Sydney who have left their home town Euroa thats in danger and in need of equipment to fight the fires. I feel compelled to help in any way I can and give back to all those who are giving.  


Essential Oils:

  • Cedar wood, orange, rosemary with clear quartz, garnet and tourmaline crystals, empowering and awakening you to finding your inner wisdom and light.

This blend was created as so many people have so much beauty and talent, both inner and outer, yet for reasons beyond our control they seem unable to express some of the things they would like to do or say. This spray was also blended to help with the inner resistances we all face in moving towards our goals, and also addressing issues that may come up for us.

It is a stimulating and action orientated blend. Use with positive intention and Good luck on your journey, stay true to yourself and you will always do well.