Strength & Protection Oil -5 ml
Strength & Protection Oil -5 ml
Strength & Protection Oil -5 ml

Strength & Protection Oil -5 ml

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Love and (+) Positive Energy 5ml Oil

After a decade in blending I am going Back to nature with this original oil to allow myself and others to  smell and feel the raw materials untouched & un enhanced, to be reminded of the simplicity of nature and how can be transported to our favourite garden with the intention of healing.

This oil has been hand blended using ONLY herbs. No essential oils have been added.

    • 100% Organic Almond Oil infused with hand crushed organic herbs of Lavender, Grand father sage ( Californian sage) and frankincense resin. This blend is earthy, deep and unique. All the properties of this blend make it a beautiful scent to use for relaxation, calming, grounding. Use as required on your pulse points or anywhere you feel on your body. 
    • Includes Clear Quartz and Tourmaline crystals to help connect, clear, ground and uplift your energy!
    • I love using this oil for neck massages as I have felt it help with headaches and neck headaches tensions. It’s subtle yet very powerful as we are working directly with the power of the herbs.