Spice Master- Confidence & focus spray + Exhilerating Balm

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Spice Master- Confidence & focus spray + Exhilerating Balm

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This set is a beautiful blend to activate your Fire energy entering into colder weather or just to bring more warmth and spice into your life. The confidence and focus blend is an oldie but a beautiful blend created with cinnamon,clove lemon,rosemary and more. There are red jasper crystals in each bottle,black tourmaline for strength and red garnet as well. This is a very strong blend so only a spray or two is recommended. If you love a chia late drink you will love this spray. In winter it is vitally important to keep all germs away from us so cinnamon and spices are known to protect us by their very nature are antibacterial and will help boost our immune system too. I’m colder weather our blood suffers as well,so spices around us through food and scent help to activate the fire in us and you will smell delicious and be protected.

The Spice Master Balm is 25 grams and comes with a citrine tumbled stone crystal too. made by me handmade with beezwax, cocoa butter and olive oil, all natural herbs and spices like lemongrass, cinnamon,clove,sandalwood,vanilla bean and more. This balm also has mandarin essential oil and patchouli added to it as well. You can use it on your pulse points , wrists ,neck and on your chest. I have tried this on the bottom of my feet as well and I feel like Vick’s does and is a popular remedy in winter,I feel this can be also used on some parts of your body mainly chest and feet,back shoulder massage you will smell m feel delicious. The spray and the balm will mean you are ready to activate and stimulate all your Fire energy, protect yourself and smell and feel uplifted and invigorates by nature’s gifts. We are so blessed to have natural  ingredients to work with. Love Filiz xxoo