Private 1:1 Mini Signature Scents Session
Private 1:1 Mini Signature Scents Session
Private 1:1 Mini Signature Scents Session
Private 1:1 Mini Signature Scents Session

Private 1:1 Mini Signature Scents Session

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Honouring YOU

Join Filiz in your private 1 :1 session

Date - Filiz is flexible with times so please send her an email at or a message on Instagram once booked to find a suitable time.

Time - 90 minute private session journey of scents

I’m so excited to be able to invite you into my humble studio to share space with me in as a one on one private session. Spoil yourself and give yourself the time to explore YOU and your energy . It’s so very important to take a moment to pause. Our  private signature scents Masterclass will take you through a series of explorations of colour, crystals, oils, as you journey into creating your very own sacred sprays and oils.

  We will be looking deeply into what you need and the daily tools required that help you flourish, as well as what we need  for releasing, accepting & letting go, cleansing and making space to connect to our own personal energy on a daily basis. It is these very tools which will help with our growth, upgrade and expansion and deepen our connection to ourselves & others.
In our very fast paced lives We often don’t create the space enough for this work and as a result we can become unbalanced. I invite you to join me  in this in person class. As we are all so unique the scents you make will be surprisingly delicious and beautiful as you, people will ask “wow what are you wearing”.

It will be informative, educational &  intuitive as you get to create your very own sprays and oil perfumes. You will leave with more clarity, understanding, healing , clearing and your own blends just for you to help you over the coming months.
This is  time for you to use this space as an opportunity for that short pause in your life, time out for you.

You will create with Filiz as your guide:
1 x 50ml Spray

1 x 15ml Spray

1x 40 ml Oil Perfume

If there is time I welcome you to make something extra as well.

A minimum of 3 products but possibly more if it’s called for. 

This is for anyone who wishes to come and have some fun making your own sprays, smelling/sampling unique distilled oils handmade by me, experience different crystals, colours and learn and understand more about your own energy.

Please note there is NO TUNING in or any readings or any soul writings channeling by me as this is just a beautiful mini introduction to making your own blends. If however you love this session you may choose to book in another day for the FULL signature scent session which does include the above and is much longer and detailed, and is available by appointment upon request and is $225 (3-4 hours) . 

Honouring YOU- our mini private 1:1, You will love this so please Allow yourself the space of this beautiful gift for 90 minutes.    

Filiz will also have a beautiful herbal tea for you to enjoy as well as some fruit or snacks after your session.

You will also have access to exclusive studio space and one on one time with Filiz, a master creator since 2008.
Looking forward to creating and sharing together.

*please note the session must be booked within 6 months.

All my love Filiz