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On Call 24/7

A beautiful supportive blend for those that are

On Call day & night.

As you spray this it feels like a warm blanket is encompassing you.

It is protecting, grounding & supporting you with its rich and very deep aroma.

It does literally stop you in your tracks and takes you back into yourself and far away lands, just to help you stop in that moment in time, to breathe and return home into your heart feeling safe and supported. 

On Call is for Carers

I’ve taken care of the blend , a lot of intent & thought has gone into its creation and I will let you take care of what type of carer you are and if you feel the need to have On Call in your bag or in the car on your desk and wherever else you need depending on your type of caring .

One thing I assure you is no other blend of mine smells anything like it.

We are all “relating” in some form of a “relationship “ to many people in our little circle around us. The “bubble “ that is work , people we interact and relate with.

So to me we are all carers, it may just  look a little bit different in your world than mine.

You may be responsible for the care of  children, your partner, one of your parents, grandparents, you may be a Counsellor or a mentor, midwives, nurses, emergency workers, you may be a foster carer, or aged care, you may be a palliative carer or hospice, you may be a Vet, a Emergency Doctor. The list would be as unique as you. You may not even have a name or the typical identity card lol for what you do and who you really are.

Being a carer though is no secret that this is a very big role we play in the lives of those we care about .

I’ve been blending since 2006, but it was the ongoing care for my 84 year old mum that brought about this blend. Day in and day out, the monotony of routine was a huge challenge for my creative mind, the same repeat conversations, the meal preparation, medications, TV stations, shower time.

It all got abit too much watching a once strong independent woman slowly slowing down. I understand old age but the loss of willpower, no motivation. I turned to my motivate blend to help me and so I thought about all the carers paid and unpaid and how we need support too to help fill us up as we navigate the various roles we play. Being a carer is very emotional, to witness illness takes courage. 


Everyday we are entering and leaving spaces , work places, homes, cafes, restaurants, offices just to make a few.

Yet before and after you have entered these roles, did you use your tools? Your sprays to help you ? Or any other support tools?

How well can you hold onto your own flow, your personal energy & flow in the presence of turmoil & turbulence ? Usually you have the upper hand as the Carer but you can quickly absorb energies that are not yours. Do you agree? The heart doesn’t always have a STOP SiGN & boundaries , it feels.

Especially when you go in n out of peoples homes, hearts, through different conversations & interactions .

Can  you remain true to you while simultaneously being available and present to the relationship & the relating that’s currently happening at hand ?

People living circumstances and living arrangements are all different and unique, so On CALL is about our personal energy feelings & flow in the presence of another person or space .


We must be strong and sealed in our own aura and circle and bubble before and after our caring. So the essentials oils I’ve worked with are a combination of

7 base notes, myrrh, patchouli, benzoin , sandalwood to name a few,

With top notes of pepper mix, mandarin and frankincense just to name a few .


It needed to be strong and deep with a hint of mystery because that is what we are dealing with. We never fully know someone’s story but all we can do is be fully available and supported ourselves so we can transfer that energy to the people we care about

To all the carers you are AMAZING 🙏❤️