Mystic beauty Oil Set- Chakra body Roll on Perfume
Mystic beauty Oil Set- Chakra body Roll on Perfume
Mystic beauty Oil Set- Chakra body Roll on Perfume
Mystic beauty Oil Set- Chakra body Roll on Perfume

Mystic beauty Oil Set- Chakra body Roll on Perfume

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In 2016 I saw a beautiful vision of me painting the chakras lady on a mannequin she was covered with white silk with all the chakra colours and her centres were crystal spheres. She then had crystal bottles with the scents that represent each chakra. That day mystic beauty was born. The original painting was sold 2018 at my Harmony of hearts exhibition but in this set you receive the cards with her photo. Each set is divine 

 In This set is my  Mystic Beauty Roll on natural perfumes are a gorgeous set for yourself or as a gift. These were created back in 2016 and were selling so well as 10ml bottles and 15ml roll On which I’m still selling . But this is just a smaller cuter set and I’ve now introduced them as mini 5ml roll on instead. There are 7 bottles to choose from, starting at the base of your chakras to the top chakra. Each bottle has its own unique scent and crystals, they are hand blended by me Filiz using 100% pure almond oil base with essential oils. These are to be worn on your pulse points, your neck, your wrists, 

What’s special about these? They come with 7 mini 1ml glass bottles with each one filled with individual crystals representing the 7 blends.

1- black- black tourmaline oil crystals with base chakra oil scents, sandalwood, cedar wood, rose wood, patchouli, vanilla & vetiver, it’s rich & deep strengthening & supporting & protecting

2- Red- red garnet & red jasper crystals. Rosewood, geranium, patchouli & more. Life force , energy and endurance

3- Orange- Carnelian & citrine, citrus notes, orange &mandarin & lime with vanilla. creativity &  vitality 

4-Pink- Rose Quartz & pink tourmaline crystals, with rose geranium, jasmine, neroli & more healing your heart chakra allowing love in

5- Green- Green aventurine, with peppermint & patchouli & lemongrass , this is clearing & uplifting 

6- Blue- Blue Lace & sodalite & lapis crystals, chamomile with lavender & geranium ,calming &  throat chakra allowing you to express yourself 

7- Purple- Amethyst crystals with lavender, frankincense & sandalwood ,most spiritual blend Activating your crown chakra 

Each roll on will activate and bring you a positive energy boost they are truly delicious Blended with no fragrance which is just so special. They will help in any way your body needs.

how to choose? It’s simple to choose the blend to wear, you can either intuitively choose based on the colour or scent or you can shuffle the little 1ml bottles and whichever bottle you pick up is the blend you wear at that time. The little bottles are like an oracle card deck but they are bottles instead.. isn’t that amazing 

Hope you enjoy , also they come packages in a beautiful black shiny box so easy to keep them altogether.