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Miracles is a very special blend created now in 2020 . The idea and feelings about it was birthed in March early this year and finally the blend was born. The scent is ROSE only I’m using one pure essential oil only and rose quartz crystals. Miracles are about miracles it’s highest vibration oil available to us from any plant so I give my thanks to the ROSE and gold the label is because that also is a very special colour. Here are my writings for miracles. This spray is for anyone that needs miracles in their life. With my deepest respects.

filiz xxoo

Miracles are actual miracles, they are mysterious,invisible  & unpredictable and that’s how they will always remain, like nature that can never be tamed. Miracles are unprecedented events in a moment in time, like the cosmos the right energy and friction producing a result, they  surround us simultaneously on all levels all the time. not a man made time but a universal time,not of our control and the things we call in our language as “good” or “bad” - this is exactly when we must surrender into the unknown to a greater power, with or without your doing miracles are everywhere, & it’s  getting out of our own way & our own thoughts, and allowing ourselves to be open to receive so miracles can find you . They always do regardless of belief or faith when something must shoot through and arrive in your life. Quietly and silently they appear very loudly. Your feelings are not private but a echo heard by higher guidance & creation. Even in our most greatest pain Miracles exist with or without “hope”. Please keep miracles a part of your life,every minute,every day you are not alone,sprinkle with your heart and mind your desires and fully let them go. Miracles manifest and  find us as a secret hand from the heavens,connected to earth and can be found in acts of kindness. Believe in miracles I have been witness to many ,hope for better and surrender to higher powers. Where there is dark ,there is always always light. Look for miracles they are everywhere with so much gratitude & Love Filiz InfiniteU. Also every bottle comes in a white organza bag and A few pink tourmaline crystals ❤️🙏