Love Bath Salts
Love Bath Salts

Love Bath Salts

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This blend has been created as a bath salt - use with mindfulness as you use.

  • Himalayan Salt, Epsom and Bicarb soda, mixed with 100% essential oils of rose, geranium, jasmine and mandarin,  mixed again with hand picked and dried rose petals, orange peel, and rose quartz crystals.  

Benefits:  This Salt mixture detoxify's the body by balancing Ph, provides the body with minerals, eases pain and stimulates circulation. The floral scent is nurturing, soothing and calming for the mind, body & Spirit.

Please use the organza bag to place the salt into so it keeps all the crystals and rose petals inside the bag, while the salt melts and the oils infuse your bath. Enjoy some loving time out for yourself and keep your left over crystals from the blend if you wish, Hand blended with love.

10g Vile / 50g Jar as shown