Home Energy Clearing Set

Home Energy Clearing Set

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We know the importance of clearing our spaces so this is a beautiful set comprising of

A large 50ml Energy Clearing Spray

25gram Energy Clearing Herbs with charcoal 

15ml Negative to Positive Oil Blend

House Instructions are

Set your intention to clear your space,really think about what you want to release, light your coal and prepare to burn some herbs. Remember to think and say what you want to clear ,while walking through your home. Keep doors windows open. You can use the spray afterwards or a little while later to also clear and uplift the energy of the rooms I’m your home. The herbs are a different feeling to the spray which you will feel yourself. Use them both anytime you feel you need to CLEAR.

Then your oil blend is for you,sit back and relax take a deep breath after knowing your house is clear,you can use the blend to roll over your wrist,chest back of your neck or anywhere you wish..you will love it it’s such a beautiful fresh zesty uplifting scent. Mission accomplished 😊 Enjoy and remember energy is not always invisible,infact mostky invisible that’s why we need to be very vigilant and clear ourselves and our spaces. We don’t want or need anything that doesn’t belong to us and we also don’t want or need energy that we may have unknowingly created that’s not good for us. Look it’s also true that we grow the most from difficult and challenging situations but we can still experience the negative and grow from it but I think you know what i mean..when you feel the call to clear..go ahead and clear xxxooo

love from me..xxoo