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From 2023- My signature scent sessions will be under another name of Energy Reading- Heart and home activation- I have combined my 2 loves together and this is available under Energy Reading.
This year in the School of flow ,  I begin to Teach signature Scent to practitioners/ students of life health & healing, healers, readers & energy practitioners, so instead of treating I will be teaching you how to do this for yourself and then eventually others . It will become your personal energy  toolkit 🙏❤️ I created my signature scents game from scratch using my gifts and knowledge and have been doing signature scents , seeing people for over 9 years, hiring space in many healing centres as well as my own studio,  and I can’t wait for this shift. It may take a little while to put it all together but this game will be a project I’m excited to share. 

so if you wanted a signature scent session please see Energy Reading Heart & Home activation to book in your session, or call me to discuss 0438327326
You leave a deposit and pay this session off over 6 weeks. 



This is a gift from my heart to ALL WOMAN. I have been doing personal signature scents energy readings for over 8 years. These are done both online and in person.

please note that 2022 I launched School of Flow which means that I am now extending my signature scents to also include a further part where you are involved in the creation of your blends at the end of our session. This is only available for In Person clients and in my studio in melbourne. These are private masterclass sessions that incorporates our signature scent reading as well as time for you to be hands on and involved in your session like never before. This is new and I’m excited to offer this under the School of flow ❤️🙏

I would like to offer In Person OR Online Personal Signature Scents Readings to anyone that feels a calling to work with me. This would be either at my private studio in Melbourne or Via Video Call conference or FaceTime ,and Zoom ( I’m not good with technology but I’m getting better at it lol) here where we can see each other and you can SEE the signature scents game and you are engaged in the selection process together with me. 

please let me know if you would like to see me in person when you are booking or online.

If it is online- This will be done in 3 stages. There is a total of 3 hours plus work. The first part we arrange a time for signature scents. We share together in the journey which takes about 45 minutes and the final part I complete myself and post to you your gifts ( writings sprays and oil perfumes). So...let’s begin our journey 


How does this work?

We set up a time that suits you.

(Allow 45 Minutes to 1 hour) 

We FaceTime Together and we play the game of choosing ,there are 7 different items to select from such as crystals,colours,cards,sprays & more. Filiz chooses on your behalf while you can see what’s happening the video phone  is turned to face you . We then discuss what you have chosen and what this may mean for your personal energy, you can ask questions or share your feelings and thoughts.  I then leave you to complete the second part of your reading, which I I then do privately in my own time distantly and I create your sprays and oil perfumes. Your second part of your reading which is handwritten (usually 7-15 pages) will be posted to you along with your sprays and oil perfume You can call me back after you have received everything if you have any questions or wish to clarify something. It’s always lovely to hear from you and share further if you feel that need,I’m here and only a phone call away.

Signature scents is a very special gift and it can be a beautiful way to help you gain some deeper insight into your energy now and I never know what comes up as each persons energy is so different so is there reading. As this is something so private this is the first time I am offering this face to face over a screen. It will be different but fun and interactive as always and you can ask questions and share together. In my many years I have seen that signature scents does help you find what you need to know in order to improve your life and I will give you as many tools as I am guided to do so.

Booking in is easy as purchasing here . You MUST leave me your email address ,post address and your phone number so I can make contact with you.

I will usually call you within 24-48 hours and we will arrange our signature scents time. This can happen usually within 5- 7 days or soon as it’s suitable to the both of our schedules.
many many many thanks and with so much love and gratitude 

Energy Exchange in a person to person signature scents is $220 and is 2.5-3 and 4 hours long Please let me know which you prefer at the time of your booking xo 

Our time together is sacred and this is a small investment for a special gift which I know you will love and get a lot out of. ❤️🌻🙏


You can order Via Link Online store or DM for direct deposit requests if you wish to order and pay another way and please also private message me if you wish to see me in person at my studio face to face.

Looking forwards to hearing from you

All my love and laughter Filiz xxxooo