Energy Clearing Set
Energy Clearing Set

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Energy Clearing Set

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Energy Clearing has always been our most popular blend so we've put a pack together for you to clear you personally as well as your space! We can never clear enough, Be mindful of your thoughts and intentions while using! With all our Light and Positivity, We hope these serve you well!

You will receive the following...

• 1 / Clear Quartz Crystal

• 2 / Sprays as described

x1 50ML Energy clearing / x1 30ML Clear from our 360 degrees Set of 8

• 1 / 25ML Energy Clearing Roll on Oil

• 1 / 25g Energy Clearing Herbs & Charcoal to burn with

• 1 / 5ML Strength and protection Oil

*All products are sold individually on our site, you're saving a total of $20 in this pack.

• Fresh Lavender to calm & relax the mind so we can clear our space!