The Flow & The Formula Masterclass

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Please join Filiz for her next Masterclass:

Topic - The Flow & The Formula

Date - Sunday 30th April

Time - 1pm- 3pm

The flow & the formula is a 6 week self paced workbook where it asks you questions about your life and challenges you to create space for YOU and your energy. It invites you to be honest and authentic about who you are while at the same time opening you gently up to experience more of what you need to help bring you more flow. There are specific directions, routines and habits that must be trained within your being if you are to achieve what you want. In the flow & the formula every day for 45 days we will journey towards & into The Flow. You will be asked to create space, surrender , make choices and action things daily. In our fast paced world, we are all looking for more ways to connect more , have more energy, balance, life force, discipline, love, and more. Here we will work towards cultivating your inner self through tools of Mother Nature. This  is my personal formula for the methods I used to help me navigate grief, loss of $, my home & love & then to eventually find trust, love, energy, creativity & freedom, & my soul gifts . Now thats massive. That is why I know it works, I am testament to the flow. I am the flow and I want you to live in the flow of life as well .

"Be warned once you learn the flow you will forever feel the need to return to the ways of it, for it calls you to slowly return home to yourself, to your deepest knowing, and to action day by day the very things needed in your life to make space for Flow” Filiz 

  • Vegetarian Lunch will be provided.

  • A copy of The Flow & the formula will be given to you and discussions about the workbook will take place with lunch 

  • Energy Exchange $45 

  • Also please note, there is No Masterclass in May  

Your Host

Guided by Filiz inside The School Of Flow

Filiz creates symbolic creations for you and your space through many modalities... with her back round in Fengshui, Astrology, Colour therapy, Art, Elements of nature & natural blends she consults with you and combines the power of nature, her life's work and mastery to provide a better flow in your life!