Energy Clearing Balm - 30ml Glass Jar
Energy Clearing Balm - 30ml Glass Jar

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Energy Clearing Balm - 30ml Glass Jar

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This beautiful energy clearing balm comes in a 30gram glass container n black lid. It is created using beezwax, cocoa butter and almond oil infused with herbs of bay leaf, sage,frankincense resin.lavender,,with added essential oils of peppermint and lemongrass. Each balm has a black tourmaline crystal ontop as well. I have taken my Energy Clearing Spray formula and added few more ingredients to create this beautiful balm. You can apply this to the soles of your feet,your chest and back ,use as in your neck and shoulders. It is very velvety,soft and luxurious and softens and protects your skin and hands. Beezwax in itself has anti microbial properties added with natural herbs and essential oils,I believe it is a MUST have as we endeavour to keep adding more energy tools to our homes and lives. This is my last balm. I have created three now, we have the Spice Master and the Calm Balm and now the Clearing Balm. I have one of each to chooose from depending on my mood and what my body needs. I hope you enjoy this beautiful creation,especially at this time of year as it’s getting colder and cooler and we are staying indoors more,it’s a perfect way to maintain your body’s needs for warmth and protection. With all my love Filiz xxoo