Crystal Bra Buddy
Crystal Bra Buddy
Crystal Bra Buddy

Crystal Bra Buddy

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Crystal bra buddy is a crystal pin for your bra. Often woman are placing crystals in their bra to help them with any issues they may be facing. This is. Very intimate feeling and a secret, though well known in the industry that it is done.

i had this thought about getting these little pouches made to be able to place tiny crystals in them. Well here they are..they are so small..hand crocheted with white 100% cotton,by a beautiful woman orkide who makes amazing things all crochet.

there are 3 crystal spheres inside the tiny pouch, Rose Quartz, Black Obsidian, Clear Quartz ..You are also able to take these out and place perhaps one larger tumbles crystal into the pouch.

Gold pins are provided and I feel you are able to also tie them onto your bra is that’s more comfortable for you. 
“ For private thoughts in private parts, I envisioned a handmade tiny pocket to hold sacred earths medicine crystals’ Filiz 

This can be a beautiful gift to yourself or another woman or a little addition to any spray or blend with all my love ❤️🙏