Chakra Balance Set
Chakra Balance Set
Chakra Balance Set
Chakra Balance Set

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Chakra Balance Set

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Blended to bring balance and grounding energy to your aura and space.

x1 Instructions Card

x1 Essential Oil Roll on

x1 Essential Oil Spray 

x1 Bracelet 

Essential oils of Cedarwood, vanilla, citrus and floral oils blended with crystals of all 7 chakras. 

This blend is uniquely earthy, refreshing and sweet. We all have different moods and cycles in our personal life and rooms we spend time in.

Use: Spray this blend as a perfume around your body and also in any space you are spending time in to bring in what you most need. Use Oil on Pressure Points/Chakra Points

Enjoy, created with love and laughter and positive energy