The Flow & The Formula
The Flow & The Formula
The Flow & The Formula

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The Flow & The Formula

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Welcome to
The Flow and the formula - This Booklet is a physical copy and will be shipped to you.

What is it?
It is a self paced working book created to take you on a journey over 45 days.

Why 45 days?
Research has proven that it takes 30-45 days to shift and create new habits and so here in the flow and the formula you will have very specific disciplines and habits that you will need to embrace. Once your 45 days is over. You can continue the teachings from this book.

Who is this for?
The flow and the formula is for anyone who wishes to learn and embrace more of their innate gifts. It is a journey of self discovery so you will be able to see and feel where you are at right now in your life and how you can reach your highest potential.
It is for men and woman and young adults embarking on their life paths.

What is the flow?
The flow is a way of life, a way of living and being where you are connected to your true authentic self, it is about living in harmony and balance as you go about your daily life.

When was it written?
Filiz from Infiniteu has been writing and sharing her work for many years. The flow and the formula began in 2021 and ย is part of her work under the school of flow and her program Master yourself Master your space. This is one of many workbooks she is writing directly influenced by her personal and professional experience, workshops , art and products she creates.ย 

Why is it a workbook?

It is the way Filiz envisioned it to be . She wanted โ€œ spaceโ€ between pages and her sharings so that the reader was able to assimilate and understand her writings. She also wanted you the reader, to have โ€œspaceโ€ with spare pages for you to answer the questions asked of you. We are all a living breathing book, we are also all at different pages and chapters. So this workbook is yours for life. I hope you enjoy exploring and learning evolving growing glowing and flowing.

What will I learn?

So so so much as I share the tools that not only helped me but shapes who I am and the work I do and how I live my life. My intention is for you to find the flow and to always keep it close to you. The energy of flow is everything in ones life and I want you to feel itโ€™s energy in your own life.

What does the 45 days include?
There are many disciplines and practises that I encourage in the book by making you the reader very mindful and aware of how you are currently living and how you can improve your life and energy by embracing some of my teachings.There will be specific affirmations, foods, sharing & carings, movements, colour, discussions on space inside and out, personal tools for empowering you, sounds and silence, scents and so much more.

Each day you will be guided.

Each day you will have things to do and be. You will be guided on how to find cultivate and embrace living in the flow, when to recognise its energy, when to move and do and when to stop and be still.ย 

This work book is you, your life and your journey, it is over 50 pages of personal and professional teachings that will definitely transform you.

When was this written?

During our staying home times in Covid 2021 I started my Sunday Spaces live sessions every Sunday @ 11am on Instagram and slowly this grew and enabled me to begin working on the school of flow.ย 

With all my love I look forward to sharing with you ๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ