Sleep Kit- Sweet Dreams Sleep Kit
Sleep Kit- Sweet Dreams Sleep Kit
Sleep Kit- Sweet Dreams Sleep Kit

Sleep Kit- Sweet Dreams Sleep Kit

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Sweet Dreams Sleep Kit

This beautiful gift boxed kit comes with

  • White 100% silk eye mask
  • An amethyst crystal
  • Sweet Dreams 50 ml Sleep Spray
  • Calming Oil Roll in blend 15ml
  • 25ml Calm Balm
  • This very special kit can be kept near your bedside to be used at nighttime or kept at your special place you practise meditation or mindfulness techniques,yoga,Pilates or a quiet sacred space writing,reading . It includes some beautiful hand made products that will most definitely benefit your whole energy. It’s as simple as choosing the blend you feel drawn to work with on any given day. You can keep the kit together or place different gifts at different parts of the house,share with others or also carry the blend with you if you so choose. I hope you enjoy.
  • Some information on the eye mask.

A sleep aid and eye relaxer, handmade made from 100% Mulberry Silk on both sides. Super soft and smooth pure silk offers breathable, cool relaxation for the eyes. The best to use if you have a headache to shut out the light, while travelling, or for a better sleep. Also doesn’t leave any wrinkles or lines on your face - amazing!Material: 100% silk

Size: approx. 22.5cm

The total cost of the kit is $95 however as a special it has been reduced to $70 which means the Calm Balm is COMPLIMENTARY in the can read up on the blends individually or I can quickly list them here for you. The Sweet Dreams Spray is a scent for bedtime with lavender chamomile blue tansy and vanilla it is so soft loving nurturing. The Calming Oil is a beautiful almond oil jojoba jojoba oil infused with chamomile lavender geraniums jasmine oils and amethyst crystals. The Calm Balm is a beautiful beez wax blended with pure herbs of lavender chamomile geranium leaf cocoa butter and other relaxing herbs. Everything I make is 100% natural and synthetic alcohol free so it’s good for you and everyone you spend time with. As I say when you spray you also spray the space as a secondary act of spraying your pillow or yourself so the positive energy ripples into other parts of your room as a result ,which in turn also affects positively other people who enter and spend time in the same room. Well I hope you love this sleep kit as much as I do....all my love Filiz xxoo