Signature Scents Sessions- Personalise Program -Energy flow with filiz
Signature Scents Sessions- Personalise Program -Energy flow with filiz
Signature Scents Sessions- Personalise Program -Energy flow with filiz
Signature Scents Sessions- Personalise Program -Energy flow with filiz
Signature Scents Sessions- Personalise Program -Energy flow with filiz

Signature Scents Sessions- Personalise Program -Energy flow with filiz

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This is a personalised program only available to my signature scent clients. It is open to anyone who over the last decade has worked with me on a one to one basis. There are many of you I have seen again and some I never have. Signature Scents was born over 8 years ago. It’s now 2020 and  I’ve been so blessed to meet and treat so many amazing woman and men on my path. This program has now been born in 2020 due to the desire I have been feeling from my clients about working further with me. I have my Flow Program which I’m putting online soon but my intentions with these sessions are very Different.

Every signature scent client has their own unique signature energy , it is their energy. What I write about and the blends I create for you are FOR YOU ONLY. There is always other ingredients added to your blends to make them yours.

What I would like to offer to my signature scents clients is an opportunity to Flow with Filiz and learn deeper about the art of creating your own space based on your specific needs. Together I feel we can tailor or signature a space inside yourself that will help benefit your life in a positive way, to open you up and heal any part of you and allow you to evolve. That is my intention to be of service to you as my client so we can work through more of what you need. After a session I have found people always have questions and also they need time to implement changes to their life and schedule.

I always say allow 3 months for your readings to settle into your life and space. If your ready immediately then let’s begin. This is an opportunity for you to embrace time for you. Invest in you. Take the time to learn about energy more from someone like me who has been working with this art for over a decade now, 15 years. Very blessed 🙏❤️

i would like to propose a signature session to flow with me ( Filiz) on a fortnightly basis for 3 months. That’s 6 sessions @ 1 -2 hours of time together. We can FaceTime so we can see each other if you wish and We will both be able to identify what we will be learning based on your initial reading from our signature scent session. There is always a pattern and we pay attention and let that teach us show us the way forwards.

The art of masculine & feminine , suns energy and the moons energy. The energy of what we have discovered in your readings will be our guide. Is it healing, is it about love, is it self acceptance, awareness, is it spiritual or more physical. Is it more emotional or is it more mental energies we need to master. What do you need to learn moving forward? How can you learn to apply what you have been given in your reading into your day to day life. 
For years I only took on private Flow clients but I would like to offer this now for anyone that feels the call to work with me and my energy to help you and your energy. You will learn a lot and a lot will be given to you in our interactions, if you require anymore sprays or oils that also will be sent out to you at no extra cost. You know by now I am very generous person , I like that about me. 

The energy exchange is $440 you can pay in instalments per week by contacting me directly. I would prefer instalments as it’s your ongoing commitment to yourself to show up that interests me. Usually the point of contact when I do see you for signature scents already means your ready for working with another layer of yourself, mostly people have used or tried my sprays over the years and have had a positive experience with them , but now we go deeper into your energy. That is why your sessions will be tailored to you and for you and I see myself as a mentor and a guide. Please contact me on 

@ 0438327326 or email

Lets go everyone, lets do this, lets  clear what needs to go so we can grow, glow and flow.

looking forward to sharing with you ❤️🙏🌻💝 all my love Filiz