Sacred Smoke Set- loose incense & clay pot with 1 jar only

Sacred Smoke Set- loose incense & clay pot with 1 jar only

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Sacred Smoke Healing herbs are beautiful put together in this gorgeous black box with a mini clay pot, charcoal and matches .

25 gram glass jar of my personal mixture of hand crushed herbs cinnamon, clove, sandalwood, starseed, vanilla and more. This is a Fire energy blend that will not only help to clear the atmosphere of any space as the herbs are powerful and kill any airborne bacteria, it smells divine. If you love spices this is for you.

25gram Energy Clearing Herbs.

Handmade and glazed Clay Pot by Ursula

charcoal and mini glass jar with matches and some silver foil to be placed under your charcoal . The charcoal must be cut into 4 pieces as you only need a small piece to do a quick burn. If you want to have a longer lasting session with the charcoal and to imbue some of the herbs to bring in some refresh then you may need half to a a full charcoal but I personally feel a half is enough for up to 3-4 rooms. I would use a full charcoal if you want the scent to last longer so you can add more herbs.

To help clear stagnant Energy or to refresh your energy and introduce new energy into our homes, herbs are powerful. Always remember that before it was an essential oil it was a Herbs or flower or seed in its pure raw form. So here we are returning to nature by working deeply with Mother Nature, the clay the raw materials untouched .

The clay pot does get hot so I would recommend to tread with caution when working with the heat so have a towel or glove ready to use to pick up the pot or ensure it’s placed on a heat proof plate if your intending to carry the little pot from room to room. Also keep a cup of  some cold water if you need to put the charcoal out as well otherwise you can allow it to burn away 

this is a wonderful set for anyone who loves to smudge their space with loose incense of any kind