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Energy Readings

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Energy Readings

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How do energy readings work?

This is a online reading, Filiz tunes into you and writes about what comes through for you, then to further help she creates a gift set for you with your own scent, crystals and colours based on the reading and what you’re needing to help balance your energy and flow.

After your Reading you can expect to feel more confident on your path and gain clarity on your path.

Your blends will have crystals in them depending on what filiz has written for you. 

You will Receive

x1 Small 15ml Spray

x1 15ml Oil Perfume

Filiz has been doing readings and consulting for over the last decade with her knowledge in Feng Shui, Astrology, Colour therapy, Healing, Aromatherpy & much more. Read more about Filiz Here 

**Please note:

- Allow up to 1 week for creation and processing.

*If you have purchased this as a gift for someone else please let me know as i will need a photo.

 If you wish to have a one on one session in Melbourne, Please email at Text 0438327326 or fill out our online form under "Contact Us" 

- Filiz uses absolutely no synthetic fragrances or alcohol. They are purely natural and organic.