Energetic Consultation

Energetic Consultation

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During this time and all the challenges we personally and collectively face I am offering my consultations via FaceTime and Online as well as in person at your premises if you are in Melbourne .  I will contact you directly and work with you via video live so we can communicate your personal needs and the energy of your space. I will then be able to identify how best to  create the best environment for you while you spend more time at home . I look forward to sharing with you,your report and personal sprays will be sent to you and all other intuitive writings and information you need to be aware of any issues in your  house, and space and the people you spend time with. All my love xxoo 2020

my Energy Consultation are your premises,your space,your personal energy - this will include a report, intuitively tuning into you via signatures scents and all your sprays. If you are interested in a painting for your space we can also work together to create your artwork alone( which does not include other areas of energy consulting as written above).

$150 Deposit which is deductible off the total cost of your Consultation.

*Consultations include: (Art alone and /or and including Energy Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology, Corporate Signature Scents & Custom blending projects)

  • Filiz will call you within 1 Business Day & Book in the next available appointment to come see you & discuss your consultation further.


InfiniteU was Launched in 2008 with love and intention of bringing a spark into your life and space.

Creating Positive and vibrant energy for you and your space in a creative manner is my life's work. Spaces that are nurturing and healing to be in that also support and reflect who you are on your own journey is what i'm passionate about.

We are all so unique as individuals with different cycles and stages within our lives, having an understanding of ones needs, their past, present and future, we are able to work together to create balance that connects us to our deepest selves, our personal flow which connects to the flow in life.

  EVERYTHING is connected.

 What is around you is inside you and what is inside you is around you.

 Master Feng from Master Feng institute taught me that " like attracts like". Today after studying with many other masters and birthing my own gifts, I am grateful and humble to be able to create flow for my clients.

 Discovering the path of flow in ones life is very rewarding for me. It has been over 10 years that i have been working with energy and people. As i have evolved, grown and changed so has my work. Beginning with the effects of our moods based on our surroundings and the outer worlds, I have delved inside to discover the inner workings of our being.

 My consultations are uniquely created based on what my clients need and i will focus on creating what ever they need to enhance their inner and outer life. Discovering the path of flow in ones life is very inspiring to me. There is a lot of trust and openness between myself and my clients as we spend time together with the intention and purpose to establish a connection between where they are now in their inner worlds, their personal energy, the outer worlds, their working environment, space and home.

 My consultations are uniquely created based on your personal and business needs. My work has always been shaped according to what i'm asked to do or create, We can work with signature scents alone or we can work with consulting the space as well as people who work and spent time in the space, i can come and do this in your workspace for your staff. Artworks can also be created to intuitively help with clearing and uplifting the space. 

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