Clay Pot- Mini glazed black
Clay Pot- Mini glazed black

Clay Pot- Mini glazed black

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This is a mini handmade  handpinched clay pot glazed black inside, with little legs. You can use this clay pot to put your charcoal inside and burn your herbs. Either energy clearing herbs or your sacred smoke healing herbs can be burned on charcoal inside this vessel

if you don’t wish to use the pot to burn your herbs you can also display crystals in it or rings or any earrings or small jewellery.

The clay pot is sold individually here but please see other posts with sacred smoke healing herbs a plus clay pot if you wish to also buy the herbs xo

clay is ancient and special it takes us back to our ancestors and our past, it’s deep deep earth , nourishing. It’s a natural substance made by salts of the earth for you to enjoy. My good friend Ursula made these for me to compliment my loose incense