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Sunday Secret Sales will take place weekly, after my Sunday spaces talks every Sunday at 11am. it is my sacred way of ensuring my mission is accomplished, which is to ensure everyone has a spray/ oil  to use when they need it. What goes here will always change it will be guided by the flow of my life, the energy I feel and what’s happening around us. I will be guided intuitively as to what to share every week with my live talks and to add certain products at a special price for you to experiment and experience the products. These can be re gifted to someone who really needs it or they can be for yourself. It’s a gift from my heart to yours, and in the giving I’m hoping that it is received with an open heart and mind and I hope that there is healing and peace and well being for you ,your life and your space. 
We know we are affected every day with external energy that creeps into our spaces, if we can learn more ways to better our energy using high vibrational tools (sprays/oils/ herbs/ Mother Nature) we will find ourselves happier and healthier, especially working more from home now,or the changes upon us it’s imperative we connect more to our intuition, and we must be more diligent with our energy. Enjoy my Sunday Secret Sale!

With love, Filiz

Owner and Creator of Energy Express by InfiniteU


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